How to identify Azure - Client, Secret and Tenant IDs

To use the Kumolus application that needs to access or modify resources, you must set up an Azure Active Directory (AD) application and assign the required permissions to it. This approach is preferable to running the app under your own credentials because:

  • You can assign permissions to the app identity that are different than your own permissions. These permissions are restricted to exactly what the Kumolus needs to do.
  • You do not have to change the app's credentials if your responsibilities change.

This topic shows you how to perform those steps through the Azure portal. It focuses on a single-tenant application where the application is intended to run within only one organization. You typically use single-tenant applications for line-of-business applications that run within your organization.

Required permissions

To complete this topic, you must have sufficient permissions to register an application with your Azure AD tenant, and assign the application to a role in your Azure subscription. Let's make sure you have the right permissions to perform those steps.

Create an Azure Active Directory Application

Get Client ID and Secret key

Get tenant ID

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