Get Client ID and Secret key

When programmatically logging in, you need the ID for your application (Client ID) and an authentication key (Secret Key). To get those values, use the following steps:

From App Registrations in Azure Active Directory, select your application.

Copy the Application ID and store it. It is the number that you will use when adding new Azure Adapter. Kumolus refers to this value as the client id.

Click on Keys on right menu to generate an authentication key (Secret Key).

Provide a description of the key as "Kumolus-Key", and "Never expires" as duration for the key. When done, select Save.

You will be notified after your key has been saved.

After saving the key, the value of the key is displayed. Copy this value because you are not able to retrieve the key later. You provide the key value with the application ID (Client ID) to Kumolus connects on your Azure Account. Keep the key value safe.

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