Create a Role for Kumolus SaaS

To add your adapter to Kumolus SaaS Application, you will have to create a Cross-Account Role and allow Kumolus to access the resources in your account.

Creating the Role and Assigning Policies

Access the IAM Service in your AWS Console.

Once you are in IAM Service Administration, click on Roles in the left menu.

Click on Create Role

You will be prompted to provide the information as shown in the image below. Select Another AWS Account on the next screen and provide the Account ID (Kumolus AWS Account) and click Next:Permissions

Kumolus AWS Account ID - 702574401249

Next, you are required to attach policies to the Role. We can use the policies created in Create Policies and attach them to the newly created role. You can do this on the Permissions screen.

Depending upon the type of account (Consolidated, Normal or Backup), relevant policies (Kumolus-NormalAccount, Kumolus-BackupAccount and Kumolus-ConsolidatedAccount) can be selected and used with this Role.

Click on Next:Review

On the review screen, you can provide the Role Name, Description and review the details of Trusted Entities and Attached Policies and Click on Create Role.

Your new cross-account role for Kumolus Access is now created and ready for use.

Please note that this page outlines Role Creation for Kumolus SaaS. For setting up Role(s) and Policies for Kumolus Enterprise, go to Create a Role for Single Account or Create a Role For Multiple Accounts.

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