Create a Role for single account

Login to console of your AWS account where Kumolus will be running, access the IAM service as showed in picture below:

Once you are in IAM service administration click on Roles at the left menu

Then click on blue button labeled Create New Role

Set a name for your new role and click on Next Step

Select the Role Type as Amazon EC2 in AWS Service Roles section and click on Select

Attach a Policy for your new role, so choice Kumolus-NormalAccount that you had created in past steps, it is important for Kumolus Application has all required permissions in your AWS account and able you to managing your account from Kumolus, then click on Next StepNow you review the details of your new role and click on Create Role to finish.

After created you can filter by the name you had chosen for the role.

Then click on the role to view details or edit it.

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