Creating an IAM user for Kumolus Enterprise

Login to console of your AWS account, access the IAM service as shown in picture below:

Before you create the user, you need Create a Policy with all access permissions that Kumolus Enterprise application will need. So, during the user creation process you will attach this created policy.

Once you are in IAM service administration click on Users at the left menu.

Then click on blue button labelled Add User.

Set a User name and select Programmatic access as access type, then click on Next: Permissions.

In Permissions section, choice the option Attach existing policies directly and filter by name Kumolus, find the policy Kumolus-NormalAccount in the list, that you had created before, and select it.

Then click on Next: Review to continue.

Review your choices and click on Create User.

Now, click on Download .csv and keep this file safe, it contains the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to be configured on Kumolus Enterprise application. Then click on Close to finish.

It is very important keep this file safe, because there is access information of your account.

Now your user is ready to be used on Kumolus Enterprise application.

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