List Subnets

Under this section, you will find all Subnets configured for this VPC, there is no subnet by default, as shown below. To add a New Subnet, click on Add New Subnet.

It will be open a window, you have to filled the fields as shown in following picture, then click on Next.

Subnet Name:

Subnet’s name to assist with identification.


Must be a valid CIDR (e.g.

Availability Zone:

You have to choose which AZ the new subnet will be part of.

In tab Tagging, you can fill the applicable tag for your Subnet, then click on Create to finish.

Note: Tagging in Kumolus application is configurable, there is a section about it in this documentation.

The Subnet that has been created is listed on List Subnets.

For each Subnet there are these actions.


You can modify only the Subnet’s name.

Edit the name then click on Update to finish.


Remove an existing Subnet.

When you click on Remove button you will receive a confirmation message box warning you about this action. If you confirm this operation click on OK.

Once you have deleted a Subnet you won’t see it anymore at List Subnets.

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