Manage - Applications

Application is a group of environments as per your logical or organizational needs.
You can add new application and link environments to it so as to manage them collectively.

Applications allow you to specify a budget and control access to a certain teams. They are commonly used to control project budgets.

Go to Manage -> Applications

This screen allows you add new Application, view (and see monthly estimated and cost to date figures) and edit existing applications.

Kumolus - Applications

Field Type Description Comments
Add Application Button To add new applications
Applications Title List of existing applications
Pencil Button To edit application
Eye Button To preview application
Trash Button To delete application -

Add/Edit Application

Link Environments to Application
Setup a monthly budget
Control Access to an Application

Kumolus - Applications

Field Type Description
Application Name Title Used for reference
Monthly Budget Number Monthly budget, can setup notification once Month-To-Date has passed.
Allowed Roles Access Group Set which users can provision to this Application
Notify Option Tick and choose a group if you would like to notify users when the budget has been passed.
Environment Select Shows the environments that belong to an Application
Description Text Description for Application

View Application

Kumolus - Applications

Enforce the use of Applications, ie on Provision of a Template, user must have access to an Application. (Note, this is now on by Default)

Kumolus - Applications

Once enabled - Kumolus – Build – Provision – Mandatory to Select Application
Kumolus - Applications

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