Build - Auto Scaling Group Details

When you select an Auto Scaling Group (ASG) on your template, you will see a new panel with details of this service on right side. You will be able to configure this ASG.

Auto Scaling Group Details

Name: The name of the Auto Scaling group (It depends on if you are using Naming Convention)

Minimum Instances: The minimum number of instances the Auto Scaling group should have at any time.

Maximum Instances: The maximum number of instances the Auto Scaling group should have at any time.

Desired Capacity (instances): If you specify the desired capacity, Auto Scaling ensures that your group has this many instances.

Default Cooldown: The number of seconds after a scaling activity completes before another can begin.

Health Check Type: The type of health check specified for this Auto Scaling group. You can choose between EC2 and ELB.

Health Check Grace Period (sec): The length of time that Auto Scaling waits before checking an instance's health status.


Click on Add Policy to create a new one.

Policy Name: The name of the scaling policy.

Execute policy when: Choose an Amazon CloudWatch alarm to associate with this policy. The alarm will automatically execute the policy when its threshold is breached. If you don't have a created alarm, click on create alarm to create one.

Take the action: Specify the change in group size that this policy will make when executed. You can add or remove instances or set the group to a predetermined size.

And then wait: This is the amount of time that your instances need to warm up. During this time, instances that have been launched will not contribute to the Auto Scaling group metrics.

Create Alarm

Define the metric and the criteria for the policy and click on Create Alarm to finish.

Whenever: Specify the metric for the policy.

Is: Specify the criteria for the policy.

For at least: Specify the often that this criteria will be considered before take an action.

Name of alarm: If you want, you can replace the default name for your alarm with a custom name.

Configuring a Scaling UP Policy

Configuring a Scaling DOWN Policy

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