Launch Configuration - Security Group

Adding a New Security Group for Launch Configuration. You can add an existing Security Group, that you can configure on Security Group Configuration, or create a new one.

Choose Existing Security Group: Choose an existing Security Group or select Create New to create a new one.

Name: The name of the Security Group (It depends on if you are using Naming Convention)

Description: The description of your security group.

To add a new rule into your new Security Group, click on Add New Rule.

Direction: You can choose if your rule will be Inbound or Outbound.

Source: Specify a single IP address, or an IP address range in CIDR notation (for example, You can specify the name or ID of another security group in the same region.

Protocol: The type of protocol, for example TCP or UDP.

Port Range: Enter a port number or a port range.

After you filled up all fields, click on Save to continue.

The rule will be listed on your Security Group. There are two actions for each rule: Edit and Delete.

Edit: Edit the same fields of creation the rule.

Delete: Remove the rule from Security Group.

After you have created all rules for your Security Group, click on Save to continue.

Your Security Groups will be listed on Security Groups section in Launch Configuration Details panel.

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