Build - Load Balancer Details

When you select a Load Balancer on your template, you will see a new panel with details of this service on right side. You will be able to configure your Load Balancer details here.

Load Balancer Details

Name: The name of the Load Balancer (It depends on if you are using Naming Convention)

Scheme: Set if your Load Balancer will be internal or internet-facing.

Cross Zone: Tick this option to distribute traffic evenly across all registered instances in all enabled Availability Zones.

Connection Draining: When you deregister an instance, Elastic Load Balancing waits until in-flight requests have completed if connection draining is enabled. If it's ticked will open a new field asking you the 'Connection Draining Timeout'.

Idle Connection Timeout: Set the Idle Connection Timeout for your Load Balancer.

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