Load Balancer - Health Check Configuration

To discover the availability of your instances, a load balancer periodically sends pings, attempts connections, or sends requests to test the EC2 instances. These tests are called _health checks. _The load balancer performs health checks on all registered instances, whether the instance is in a healthy state or an unhealthy state.

Health Check Interval: Amount of time between health checks (5 sec - 300 sec).

Response Timeout: Time to wait when receiving a response from the health check (2 sec - 60 sec).

Unhealthy Threshold: Number of consecutive health check failures before declaring an instance unhealthy.

Healthy Threshold: Number of consecutive health check successes before declaring an instance healthy.

Ping Protocol: The protocol to use to connect with the instance. Valid values: HTTP / TCP / HTTPS / SSL

Ping Port: The port to use to connect with the instance, as a protocol:port pair. If the load balancer fails to connect with the instance at the specified port within the configured response timeout period, the instance is considered unhealthy.

Ping Path: The destination for the HTTP or HTTPS request (e.g. index.html).

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