Build - New Template

To create a new template, click on Create New Template on top right.

Note: To create a template in an Adapter/Region combination - you will need an Adapter, a VPC and a SOE OS configured for that combination.

On the popup, you have to select the Adapter and Region for this new template. Then click on Proceed.

The template editor page will be loaded.

First of all, give a name for your new template on field labeled as Template Name on top left.

After that, you can start choosing a VPC on left panel and dropping it on canvas (white page) on right side.

Then you can drop the Availability Zones (AZ) that you will use in this template from left panel as well. In this documentation, it was selected Sydney region, which has 03 AZs, but it will be considered only 02 AZs here.

Thereafter, you can drop all Subnets that you will need. Kumolus will suggest subnets /19, but you can modify it anytime.

You can drop a Load Balancer from left panel and connect it to your subnets as shown in picture below.

After, you can drop an Auto Scaling Group into these subnets you had created.

First, you put it into one subnet. Thereafter, you click on corner top right of this Auto Scaling Group and drop it into another subnet. Then it will be the same Auto Scaling Group for both subnets.

To finalize networking part, you can create a Subnet Group for your databases.

First, you will need at least 02 subnets for your group. You can create it here or in Settings > Adapters > VPC > Network > Subnet.

Then drop a Subnet Group in any place of your canvas. When you released your subnet group you have to specify the subnets that will be part of this new Subnet Group.

If there is a Subnet Group already created, you can choose it on drop-down field.

If you need to create a new one, leave the field as 'Create New' and select the subnets that will be part of this new subnet group.

Then click on Done to continue.

In Compute section on left panel, you can choose one of your SOE to use as Launch Configuration of your Auto Scaling Group.

When you drop your SOE into your Auto Scaling Group, it will be shown in all AZs that this Auto Scaling Group belongs (automatically).

You can link your Load Balancer with your Auto Scaling Group.

In Database section on left panel, you can select the appropriate database engine as RDS for your template and drop it into the subnet group that you have created.

In the end, you will have your template done.

It's time to customize each service by clicking on each one and setting the configuration on right panel, that will be open.

Explore the details for each service configuration in this documentation.

Click on Save button on top right to save your New Template.

You will be notified once it's done.

Now, you can see on Templates List you new template.

Provision Template

To Provision a Template, click on the Provision button and enter a unique name for the environment.

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