Database - Backup & Maintenance

Here you can set your preferences for Backup and Maintenance to your instance Database.

Backup Retention Period: The number of days for which automated backups are retained. Setting this parameter to a positive number enables backups. Setting this parameter to 0 disables automated backups.

Backup Window: The daily time range (in UTC) during which automated backups are created if automated backups are enabled.

Auto Minor Version Upgrade: Tick it to enable automatic upgrades to new minor versions as they are released. The automatic upgrades occur during the maintenance window for the DB instance.

Maintenance Window: Select the period in which you want pending modifications (such as changing the DB instance class) or patches applied to the DB instance by Amazon RDS. Any such maintenance should be started and completed within the selected period. If you do not select a period, Amazon RDS will assign a period randomly.

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