Manage - Environment - Revisions - Copy Template

Copy Template allows you to take your environment configuration from a point in time and turn in back into a Kumolus template. We allow you to alter this template to choose a different Adapter or Network through the use of a simple wizard.

Copy Template lives within the Revisions module, to launch the module click on the Copy Template Icon (pictured Kumolus - Copy Template) from within the revisions module.

  1. Choose a template name, and whether you would like to use another VPC.

Kumolus - Copy Template

  1. When you select Use Other VPC, you will also need to choose Adapter and destination VPC.

Kumolus - Copy Template

  1. We allow you to match subnet to subnet, this allows you to select the source and destination subnets. I.E. Match a dev and staging WEB subnet, and a dev and staging DB. This will ensure all your security groups and identical across your environments.

Kumolus - Copy Template

Now you're ready to provision your new environment!

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