Manage - Environment

An environment is a collection of resources in your cloud provider. There are a number of states an environment can be in;

State Comment
Pending The template has been turned into an environment - but it yet to be provisioned in the cloud provider. Clicking Start will provision in your provider.
Running The environment is up and running in the cloud provider. (individual services may be stopped)
Stopped The environment is in a stopped state (certain services are unable to be stopped ie. RDS)
Terminated The environment has been terminated from the cloud provider
Unhealthy The environment is out of sync with the cloud provider
Error Something has gone wrong - please log a support ticket with Kumolus

The Manage pages shows Running environments and allows you to filter to find other statuses. To manage an environment, choose the tile and click the “(i)” icon (show environment).

Once you click through to an individual environment, you will find a menu across the top and a summary of the environment including it's architecture.

Kumolus - Manage - Summary

From the top menu you are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create Event - Create start / stop / termination schedules per environment.
  • Service Adviser - Find cost based optimization information on services per environment.
  • Actions
    • View and Edit tags - Modify tags per environment
    • Access - Control access to services per environment.
    • Revisions - see revision history and create templates from environments.
    • Export to PDF - export your environment to high quality documentation.
    • Remove from Management - Remove the environment configuration from Kumolus.

The services that can be managed from here include;

  • Networks
  • Compute Services
  • Databases

Click on the individual chapter to find out more.

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