Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler allows you to take control over your job scheduling on Kumolus application. It lets you make scheduling and configuration changes easily.

To access this section click on top menu: Settings > Event Scheduler

You will see a calendar with all your job scheduling, in Month View.

You have different views and it can be changed on top right.

Week View.

Day View.

You also, can choose a specific date on Goto.

To create a new Event Scheduler, you have to click on Create Event button on top right.

It will be open a window with some fields that you have to fill in to continue.

Name: Event's name to assist with identification.

Select Event: Choose here what type of event you would like to create a Schedule.

Notify: Tick this option if you would like to be notified before this event starts.

You have these options os Events.

You can choose the process of creation for each event, clicking on below.

After created, all Events will be listed on Calendar.

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