Cost Reports

You can use Cost Reports to view Standard or Custom reports which can be filtered by Provider Or Adapter Type, Regions, Services and User-defined Cost Centers or Tags. A default Cost Reports dashboard will provide you Spend Overview by Account or Service along with Daily and Monthly Spend Details.

You can filter and customize your reports and view them in the Custom Reports section of the Cost Reports Dashboard. Multiple graph types i.e. Bar Graph, Line Graph and Area Graphs are available for customizing the reports as well.

Under Custom Reports, you can also view Environment/Tag based reports that provide a cost comparison between your Development, Staging or Production environments and help you optimize and redirect your cloud spend in the right direction.

It also gives you an idea of the Untagged resources in your adapters so you can associate them with appropriate Cost Centers and assign tags to optimize your account spend better. You can also view the spend over multiple accounts for charge-back or view it over a 6 or 12 month interval to get insight into Cost Trends on your cloud accounts.

More details about customizing and filtering your reports is available at Customization and Filters.

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