You can customize the look and feel of your reports as per your requirements. Currently, Kumolus supports customizing the graphs into Bar, Line or Area Graph along with setting up multi-series graphs to plot multiple values. Some samples and variants are shown below.

Custom Cost Trend (Area) Graph for multiple instance types and annual date range

Custom Bar Graph showing Spend Comparison between EC2 and RDS over a 3 month interval

Custom Spend Report with Line Graph for resources with "Owner" Tags


Filters are available to bring specificity to your reports and help you deep dive into Cost Centers or deviations from allocated budgets. For each type of report in Kumolus, multiple filters are available starting from Date Range (Daily/Monthly) for fine grained graph outputs and Period which can be modified as per Date Range selection or a Custom Period can be selected.

Once you have selected the Date Range and Period, you can filter your report further by cloud Provider and associated Accounts. You can select multiple accounts or leave blank to show data for all accounts.

You can drill down further by Regions and Services. Cost Metrics for entire stacks and environments can be filtered using Services and compared using these filters. You can also filter by User or Policy Defined Tags e.g. Owner, Environment etc.

Tag, Value based filtering is also available with Kumolus Reports. You can also use Group By (Date Range, Region, Service, Account or Tags) to break down the costs by the selected function and gain better insight into your spends for a duration of time or a user defined category.

You can also select Favourites for your report selections by clicking on the Favourite tab at the top-right-button next to the Filters section to load one of your saved favourites.

You can add the filter selection to your list of favourites by clicking on Save as Favourite.

Some Reports e.g. Reserved Instance Report have the ability to plot Multi-Series graphs which can be done by simply selecting the Multi-Series type (Service, Instance Type) from the drop-down. This can help you get an idea of one-time spends or RI Utilization metrics grouped by Date Range, Service or Instance types and help plan your Upfront Cloud investments better.

You can play around with these customization and filters suiting to your organization and policy requirements. The Report Grid View lets you look at your data in a tabular format and have a column/row wise breakdown of costs.

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