Reserved Instance Report

Reserved Instance Reports help you analyze your RI Spends on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS and gain better control over the one-time investments made on your cloud infrastructure. Reserved Instance reports provide you details of existing RI's along with Utilization details and provides recommendations to optimize your RI costs.

RI Overview

RI (Reserved Instance) - Overview provides you with the Summary of your Reserved Instance(s) for last 30 Days and Potential Savings and recommendations based on annual RI spends. Detailed metrics and recommendations can be obtained from other tabs in the Reserved Instance Report dashboard.


You can get the utilization report for your Reserved Instances and can filter them by Instance Type, Service (EC2/RDS), Adapter Type, Regions and plot multiple series e.g. EC2 and RDS or multiple instance types on the same graph. Kumolus considers these utilization metrics while providing recommendations for optimization.

Graph Customization can be applied on the above metrics similar to Customization and Filters on Cost Reports.


Recommended Reserved Instances Number of Instances where optimization through conversion to RI is possible
On Demand Bases Total Cost of On Demand Instances currently in use
Reserved Instance Bases Total Cost after converting On Demand Instances to RI over a 1 or 3 year term
Potential Benefit Estimated Cost Savings after RI Conversion

The recommendation section also provides you an instance wise table along with a graph depicting the savings over 1 year or 3 year Reservation terms as applicable.


The "Existing" tab lists the existing Reserved Instances in your account in a tabular format along with the Instance/Reservation Types and Usage Status. A general summary table is shown in the image below.

All existing EC2/RDS resources are listed with the selected Reservation offering in the table and can be used to plan and budget for upcoming Reservations.


In the "Underutilized" tab, you can view if your reserved instances are being utilized and based on Heavy or Light usage, you can decide one of the options to Modify, Sell or Exchange your Reserved Instance(s)

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