Under this section, you will have automated mounting process of NFS volumes to AWS servers, with the ability to automatically specify Security Groups relating to the NFS hosts or NetApp ONTAP Cloud instances.

Click on Synchronize NetApp OCCM Filers to synchronize all NetApp’s OnCommand Cloud Manager (OCCM).

You will receive a confirmation message.

You will be notified when it has done.

After synchronization, all OCCM adapter will be listed on Filers page. For each one of them you will have these actions.


Configurations allow the use of a NetApp Filer to be accessed per protocol in a particular AWS VPC.

List ConfigurationsAdd a new Configuration



Disabling the Filer will prevent the Filer from being used inside the Kumolus application.

Provisioning Servers with NFS/CIFS

To consume the NFS or CIFS volumes once a configuration has been created - create a new template and select appropriate volume type. Once provisioned provided you've added the appropriate NetApp related configuration to your SOE Configurations (see SOE: Overview) the volumes will be mounted directly onto the servers. The NFS exports will be updated according to the configuration.

From the Manage : Environments section you'll see the connected volumes. We plan to integrate further into NetApp managemnt (ie. add's/snapshots and flexclones)

Login to the server and see the attached Volumes

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