Synchronization (or Discovery) allows you to synchronize all the services that are present on AWS with those that are on Kumolus and vice versa. Services that are synchronized to Kumolus (New in Kumolus) can be turned into environments and can be managed through Kumolus.

Synchronization allows you to discover new services or changes to existing environments. New services will appear on the Synchronization Report and allow you to synchronize into the platform, while changes to existing environments will be marked under the environment (ie. Status will become Unhealthy and allow you to accept existing changes).

Auto Sync to Kumolus:

  • ON – Bring all VPC from your AWS account as all services inside them.
  • OFF – Bring only selected VPC from your AWS account as all services inside them.

Provider Type: Choose which provider you would like to synchronize.

Choose Adapter: Choose which adapter (account) you would like to synchronize. You can select multiple adapters.

Reset: To reset selected values.

After you have selected all fields click on Sync now to start the synchronization.

The system will take you to Last Synchronization Report page.

You can see that the process for the selected Adapter has been started.

It will take a few minutes, it depends on the size of your VPC.

Now you can see that process has been finished.

If you had chosen more than one adapters to synchronize, you can view the other processes by clicking on drop-down menu on top left.

Once the services are synchronized into Kumolus, you will be notified.

Click on Bell icon to see the notifications, then click on “The Synchronization process has been completed” to see details. The notification will take you to the report of services synchronized.

It is the same if you choose the button: Latest Synchronization report at bottom of Synchronization section on Global settings page.

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