Synchronizing a new environment

Following this procedure, you will be able to synchronize a new environment to Kumolus application.

Considering that you have an adapter created (if you haven’t, see the documentation here), let’s do the following steps:

  1. Synchronization of your adapter (if you don’t know how to synchronize your adapter, see the documentation here).
  1. Synchronize and View

After you have synchronized your adapter, you can filter the VPC from where you would like to synchronize your new environment at Last Synchronization report.

Click on Show Services to view all services synchronized.

It will be open a new window showing all synchronized services from this VPC. Click on Tags (X) to see all tags of that service.

You will see all tags configured for this service.

Now, close this window clicking on X on top right, then click on Synchronize & View.

It will be open a window showing all synchronized services.

Now you can filter this environment by an existing tag. Click on Filter icon on top right menu.

It will be open a window for you insert a Tag Key and Tag Value.

You have to fill in both fields and click on plus icon, as shown in picture below.

Then click on Filter.

All services that have this filtered tag will be shown.

If you try to insert an invalid or an inexistent tag, you will receive the following warning message.

If you click on Filter button before you add a Tag in this filter, you will receive the following warning message.

But if you don’t have your environment tagged, you can select an existing service, for example an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).

Every service associated with that one will be shown.

To save your New Environment click on Save on top right menu.

It will be open a window, you have to fill in the fields highlighted and select all applicable tags, then click on Proceed for save and apply all selected tag in your New Environment.

Environment Name: Environment's name to assist with identification.

Application: Associate with an existing application on Kumolus.

After save, it will be shown the environment on Kumolus.

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