Getting Started - Build

The Kumolus template designer contains the following components;

  1. Resources
  2. Visual Diagram
  3. Properties Panel
  4. Toolbar


Kumolus - Build - Resources

The resources are broken in to 4 sub-categories;

  • Network
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Database

Resources can be controlled in your organization via the Settings area. Resources are dragged onto the Visual Diagram to complete your architectures.

Note: By default you will need to configure a SOE before you can provide Compute resources.

Visual Diagram

Kumolus - Build - Visual Diagram

The Visual diagram is a representation of your planned environment you wish to provision with the estimated cost of the design.

Properties Panel

Kumolus - Build - Properties Panel

All of your complex settings configuration is completed in the properties panel.


Kumolus - Build - Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to complete the a number of activities including.

  1. Naming the template
  2. Viewing information on the template
  3. Version control information
  4. Zoom In/Zoom Out
  5. Saving the Template

Notes on Templates:

Templates can be designed for once off use or to be re-used continuously. Templates are version controlled. Templates can be shared across your organization.

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