How do I use IAM with Kumolus ?


What is AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) ?

IAM provides a way of securely controlling access to your AWS services and resources. IAM allows you to create users or groups and assign them the required access permissions. To read more, visit AWS - IAM documentation.

Can I use IAM with Kumolus ?

Yes. Although Kumolus maintains or integrates with your SAML connected directory for it's database of users. Kumolus allows you to enforce individual users and permissions within the Kumolus Platform.

As it's against AWS best practise, Kumolus doesn't support the use of root credentials to connect to the Platform.

How do I create an IAM user for my Kumolus Platform ?

Follow the steps below to setup an IAM user to connect to the Kumolus Platform.

First of all, you need to create a policy for this user.

After that, you have to create an IAM user and associate the created policy to this user.

Eventually, you can use these credentials 'Access Key ID' and 'Secret Access Key' of this new user on Kumolus application.

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