Configuration Overview

Configurations allow you to store your favourite Bootstrapping configurations and policies relating to their launch. You are also able to enforce that these are executed.

Many configurations we find our customers completing our integration with platforms like Puppet, Chef and Microsoft SCCM. With the ability to use our variables like, what type of environment we can write configurations to automatically register Windows Development servers to a Development AD domain.

UserData configurations

Variable Name Description
General --
%servername% Server name of the server that’s being provisioned.
%username% Username of the user who performed the provision
%soename% Name of the SOE
%soeconfiguration% Configuration Name from the SOE
%environmentname% Name of the environment that’s being provisioned.
%templatename% Name of the Template
%templaterevision% Revision of the Template
NetApp Filers
NETAPP_NO_VOLUME No_of_volumes, eg: ('1' '2') , i;e (cifs_count, nfs_count)
NETAPP_SHARE_MOUNT_CIFS #CIFS_source_mount, source path for cifs
NETAPP_MOUNTC_CIFS #CIFS_client_mount, destination for cifs
NETAPP_CIFS_CREDENTIAL #CIFS Username, Password, eg: ('admin' 'password')
NETAPP_MOUNTS_NFS #NFS_source_mount, source path for nfs eg: ('/mnt' 'mnt1')
NETAPP_MOUNTC_NFS #NFS_destination_mount, destination for nfs, eg: ('/testvol' '/filervol')
NETAPP_PROTOCOL #nfs\cifs protocol , eg: ('cifs' 'nfs')
NETAPP_MOUNT_IP #mount ip, NetApp filer IP

Example NetApp UserData Script for Ubuntu;


echo "NETAPP_NO_VOLUME=[NETAPP_NO_VOLUME]" >> /tmp/variable #No_of_volumes, eg: ('1' '2') , i;e (cifs_count, nfs_count)

echo "NETAPP_SHARE_MOUNT_CIFS=[NETAPP_SHARE_MOUNT_CIFS]" >> /tmp/variable #CIFS_source_mount, source path for cifs

echo "NETAPP_MOUNTC_CIFS=[NETAPP_MOUNTC_CIFS]" >> /tmp/variable #CIFS_client_mount, destination for cifs

echo "NETAPP_CIFS_CREDENTIAL=[NETAPP_CIFS_CREDENTIAL]" >> /tmp/variable #CIFS Username, Password, eg: ('admin' 'password')

echo "NETAPP_MOUNTS_NFS=[NETAPP_MOUNTS_NFS]" >> /tmp/variable #NFS_source_mount, source path for nfs eg: ('/mnt' 'mnt1')

echo "NETAPP_MOUNTC_NFS=[NETAPP_MOUNTC_NFS]" >> /tmp/variable #NFS_destination_mount, destination for nfs, eg: ('/testvol' '/filervol')

echo "NETAPP_PROTOCOL=[NETAPP_PROTOCOL]" >> /tmp/variable #nfs\cifs protocol , eg: ('cifs' 'nfs')

echo "NETAPP_MOUNT_IP=[NETAPP_MOUNT_IP]" >> /tmp/variable #mount ip, NetApp filer IP

wget\ -O /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

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