Search SOE OSs

To configure an OS, first you need to search an AMI, for this you should use Filters below:

Access: Public, Private

Provider: Azure, AWS

Region: According with your Region List that you had determined before

AMI Provider: Amazon, Microsoft, AWS-Marketplace, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, OpenSuse, Other

Architecture: X86_64, i386

Virtualization Type: HVM, Paravirtual

Root Device Type: EBS, Instance Store

Other Keywords: Windows%English% (for example)

Provider and Region are required.

You can use other filters like "AMI Provider" or provide a Search Term in "Other Keywords".

Note: to search all Windows in English you can use the following syntax: Windows%English%

Once you find the OS you are looking for, click on Add.

It will be open a window as shown below.

Display Name: SOE’s name to assist with identification.

Updatable: Yes/No - Automatically update when new version of this AMI is available to use.

Configuration Name: You can create a template of configuration to be used with this AMI.

Category: You can create a new category clicking on Create New.

A field will be open for you insert the name of the new category.

Allowed Instance types: Select all instance types that you allow to use with this AMI.

Allowed Roles: Select all groups of your roles that can use this SOE.

Userdata: Add scripts to be executed during the launch process of this SOE. (read more here)

After you filled all required fields you will have a screen like the following picture, click on Add to finish.

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