Operational Reports

Operational Reports provide you a high level audit of activities performed by users on the Kumolus platform as well as generate automated reports for your synchronization activities. These reports can help you identify the change history and can help you rollback to stable versions in case of issues. These are updated in near real-time and are available from the Reports drop-down.

User Activity

User Activity lists all the actions performed on the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform (CMP). This report provides you with the Activity Date, Username, IP Address used to access Kumolus, Activity Description and Module and can be filtered using any of the columns.

You can also select a specified Start and End Date along with the Module type to filter the User Activity log to show specified results.

Synchronization History

Synchronization History provides you with the details of the adapters (cloud accounts) that have been synchronized with Kumolus.

This report will show you if a Sync (Automatic/Manual) succeeded or failed and you can get further details of the synchronization history by clicking on the 👁️ (Action) for the selected Sync ID.

The Synchronization History details will provide you the details of VPC synced for all regions for the specified adapter. You can further view the Services in the synced adapter through the Action (...) button for the specified VPC. Please note that this will show you the point-in-time data for the Synchronization Activity you have selected.

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